Individual Recovery is our Mission

Chandras Clinic, P.C.


I believe that recovery from mental illnesses is possible.  To me recovery means finding new meaning and growing beyond the devastating effects of mental illnesses and the steps one can take to lead a meaningful life. It is my aim to offer top quality psychiatric care to assist you in supporting your recovery from various mental and psychological illnesses. 


Please join me in this site to explore the various services that I offer in my practice to see if  they would be something that can help you or your loved ones. You will also be able to review my availability, office policies  and  get an idea of the ways that I can collaborate with your primary care physician and rest of your Health Care team.  Please take time to review the links and information on mental health.  I will keep you posted of the new links and educational sites that I find useful and hope it is helpful to you as well.



Psychiatric Practice starting in January 2008.   Accepting new patients and referrals starting December 2007.