Individual Recovery is our Mission

Chandras Clinic, P.C.

Consultation  Psychiatry




1. Medication Clinic: This service will be available for patients who are currently receiving therapy from their therapists in the community.   After an independent detailed psychiatric evaluation, I will be able to manage and support your psychiatric medication treatment  and collaborate with your therapists and primary care physician to coordinate your treatment.

2. Outpatient Psychiatric Consultation: I will be able to accept referrals from your Primary Care Physicians for an outpatient Psychiatric Consultation.   I will complete an independent detailed Psychiatric evaluation and develop a psychiatric treatment plan which you and your primary physician can implement.   I will work and collaborate with the referring physician.

3. Comprehensive Neuropsychiatric Consultation: After making prior arrangement, I will be able to offer Comprehensive Neuro-Psychiatric Consultation  for patients who have complex psychiatric issues often complicated by medical or neurological conditions.   These are often long and time consuming and at times requires review of other records and obtaining collateral information.  Please call us for details of fees and time availability.