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Chandras Clinic, P.C.

Telemedicine Services



Using a Polycom Videoconferencing equipment, an encrypted T1 Line and a network that meets the HIPPA Privacy standards, I have been providing Psychiatric Services to Rural Eastern Oregon. 


The distinct advantages include timely access and availability of Psychiatric Services to remote parts of our state where otherwise obtaining mental health services is a challenge.


I provide Psychiatric Services to Harney County in Eastern Oregon.  By ensuring my availability and flexibility in scheduling, the patients in this remote county need not wait for long to get an appointment to see a psychiatrist.


I am open to serving other locations in the state of Oregon, using Telemedicine services.  For further details and enquiries please contact Satya Chandragiri,MD 

Phone: 971-239 1146

Fax:  503- 907 9933