Individual Recovery is our Mission

Chandras Clinic, P.C.

In my practice I will offer evidence based Psychotherapy in addition to pharmacological approaches.  Research and current evidence clearly  points to the fact that a combination of psychotherapy and medication approaches leads to better outcome than each of the strategies alone.    My goal is to help you regain your functional capacity and quality of life as quickly as possible and support your recovery.

You will be given a menu of approaches including Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Psycho-educational therapy; Medication Management and Illness management; Family psychotherapy; approaches involving Motivational Interview and stages of changes, Grief therapy and Supportive psychotherapy. 

You can expect during the course of your treatment that I will ask you to review and try tools and strategies that you can use to cope with various symptoms and start your work on your recovery.  Please ask for handouts, reading materials, web sites where you can browse and get further information.

With my experience of having worked in three countries and many diverse cultural groups, I recognize the inherent strength of various cultural groups and practices.  You can be assured of my respect for various cultural groups and I will be able to offer culturally competent counseling and psychotherapy in various south Asian Languages (Hindi; Urdu; Tamil; Kannada; Malayalam) as well.

I will be asking you to fill out rating  scales and monitor your course of treatment and your feedback will help us track the direction we should take.

I have found families and support system can be of assistance in helping your recovery.  With your consent, I will give you the option of involving and educating them as well.

Some of the conditions where adding  counseling and Psychotherapy to your treatment  will be helpful:

· Depression; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Anxiety Disorders; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Phobias; Addiction. 

· In Bipolar and  Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia addition of medication management, Illness management and multifamily therapy has been very helpful.

· Work place and school adjustments; persons dealing with immigration issues; coping with death and dying issues or disabling illness, family coping with dementia or elder care, suicide in the family.