Individual Recovery is our Mission

Chandras Clinic, P.C.

Office Policies

When you call to schedule an appointment, you will be sent a Welcome Packet with a copy of our Office Policies and an initial set of paper works.† In addition you will be asked to review and sign a Notice of Privacy Practices, statement for financial responsibility of your treatment, and if needed a consent to disclose your clinical information or for us to obtain your health care information from your previous providers.† In order for us to provide you the best care, it is essential that we have as much information as possible from all sources including other providers, previous hospitals and treatment facilities.


We will also ask you for insurance details, basic demographic information and ask you to call the mental health information number in your insurance card and ask if you have a provider network, is Dr. Chandragiri in the network? If the insurance needs an authorization for outpatient treatment?† To what address the mental health claims should be mailed?† I participate in some of the commercial insurance panels and will continue to evaluate joining others.†† Please review the tips on Understanding your Insurance benefits so that you are well prepared to start working on your recovery.† Please call us for details and also call your insurance regarding out of panel arrangement or single case arrangement.


We will ask for your consent (legal guardianís consent in case of a minor or those persons with court appointed guardianship) before we begin your treatment.†† We would ask you to review the paperwork before your first session so that we may begin our work without any delay.† For any clarification, please donít hesitate to call us. It is our policy to provide you with utmost privacy and confidentiality.†